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Login flykhidtre 2 years ago

According to industry sources, by the end of this year Netflix users will be able to view their favorite movies and television shows over their mobile device, even while offline. Dan Rayburn, a principal analyst with consulting firm Frost and Sullivan, says that it is an "open secret" in the industry that Netflix is working on a method that would allow users to download video for later playback. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has made it clear that he has no objection to allowing subscribers to view content even when they are not hooked up to an internet pipeline. Allowing consumers to store content for playback while offline could help Netflix expand its business overseas. In some foreign...

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Source: Phone Arena
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Login flykhidtre 2 years ago

Netflix is taking an unconventional approach to its branding. The company dropped a new logo -- and it dropped the "etflix" in favor of a simple red "N." It appeared on Netflix's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles Monday, and the ensign will also soon be the face of Netflix's (NFLX, Tech30) mobile app. What's unusual is that the company also plans to continue using its old logo as well -- "Netflix" spelled out in red letters on a white background. Traditional marketing adage says multiple logos is risky because it can create "brand confusion," says Sterling Marketing founder Karen Leland, like when Coca-Cola (CCE) launched New Coke in 1985. It was a massive failure. netflix...

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Source: CNN Money
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